NOT Festival

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NOT Festival: &everyone&nomadic&queer&artist&latino&immigrant&black&other&everyone&

February 24 - March 3rd 2018

Created by Luis Malvacinas / 3RD CLASS CITIZEN and presented in collaboration with the UC Riverside Department of Dance. 


The project is a multidisciplinary event pursuing a deeper investigation of the cultural, aesthetic and social complexities embedded in the word “Alterity”, which in itself defies a simple definition: it equally defines both difference and otherness.

The invited participants are directly or indirectly working with this subject matter and experimenting with difference forms of performance art, installations, video and dance. The artists themselves, as well as guest lecturers and scholars, will be in charge of lectures, workshops and discussions to widen the scope of this unique meeting.

The event will be presented under the umbrella of the Institute for Global Longing and it will embrace: the strange, the unconventional, the unaccountable and the unfamiliar. For many years—and even more so today—conservative groups and societies have discriminated against individuals that in many ways are seen as part of, or belonging to, these groups. At first glance, it includes immigrants, queers, people of color and artists living and working on the margins of society. However, the interdisciplinary offerings will move beyond issues of gender, identity and sexuality to deal with a larger range of social and aesthetic concerns.

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