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Transart faculty and advisor, Jean Marie Casbarian in Nonlinear Histories: Transgenerational Memory of Trauma

This April/May, Transart faculty and advisor Jean Marie Casbarian participated in three separate but interconnected exhibitions addressing post-memory, trauma, and the archive. 

Nonlinear Histories: Transgenerational Memory of Trauma at ReflectSpace Gallery, Glendale, California -- March 17 – May 6.

Continuity and Rupture – An Armenian Family Odyssey at Brand Gallery, Glendale, California --March 24 – April 27th.

Unleashing at Teacher’s College at Columbia University -- April 1-May 30th

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What does A stand for in STEAM?

Grouping four broadly defined disciplinary clusters –– Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics –– STEM has come to stand for governments’ and institutions’ attempt to champion ambitious programs geared towards excellence and innovation while providing hopeful students with “useful” education leading to “real jobs”. But in recent years education advocates have reiterated the crucial role of the arts in achieving such excellence. A has been added to STEM…

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November 16, 2017: Bits, Sights and Sounds with Transartist Mary Sherman and Florian Grond

Artist Mary Sherman and researcher Florian Grond have worked together over several years manifesting the conversation between painting and sound. The are joined by MIT Media Lab Tangible Bits director, Hiroshi Ishii to explore the relationship and connection of all our senses and which help us navigate and also find pleasure in our material world.

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