Dorothée King

I am trained as a communication designer, an artist and a media artist. I finished my PhD thesis in art education on smell as a contemporary fine art medium and means of engineering aesthetic experiences at Berlin University of the Arts. I have extensive knowledge of the contemporary art scene and current theories of fine art production. And I am passionate about teaching art. I began my studies in Denmark, where I learned to overcome inhibitions and think big. I studied communication design and media arts at a time when the internet was a place for artistic vision. My first net art projects awoke my interest in participation and interaction; I later became involved in the field of art phenomenology and perception, as well as in art education.  I was assistant to curator Ute Meta Bauer in Stuttgart. In North America, my network reaches from New York over Buffalo and Maine to the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. I acquired 100.000 Euro in 3rd party funding for re-launching the Schikaneder Cinema in Vienna as a venue for non-linear time based art. I have taught art since 2008, first at the University for the Arts Linz, Austria (2008–2010), then at the University for the Arts Berlin (2011–2014).

Until August 2014, I was the coordinator of the Graduate School at Berlin University of the Arts, an interdisciplinary Graduate fellowship program. There I collaborated with peers in the most important venues for art and culture in Berlin and internationally, and also helped to acquire funding of over one million Euros for programming interdisciplinary projects in the arts and sciences up until 2016. I only left this position for family reasons.

Currently I am faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design, CE.

Consulting areas of interest:
scholarships, grant writing, proof reading, thesis advice, english tutoring, artistic advice, career advice, art education, curating, exhibiting

Experience in this field:
Exhibition Office Ute Meta Bauer
State University of New York, Buffalo US,
Banff New Media Institute, Banff, AB, Canada
Linz University of Art and Industrial Design
Iglhaut and Grothe, exhibition planning
Preview Berlin Art Fair
Berlin University for the Arts
Rhode Island School of Design

Publication of several articles,
editing of a couple of volumes
(see CV)


Based in:
Providence, RI/US & Berlin

Transart Institute