Tarsh Bates

Tarsh Bates is an artist/researcher interested in how meanings and experience are created and transferred among materials, bodies, environment and culture. She completed a Master of Science (Biological Arts) in 2012 which explored care behaviors for scientific model organisms. She has worked variously as a pizza delivery driver, a fruit and vegetable stacker, a toilet paper packer, a researcher in compost science and waste management, a honeybee ejaculator, an art gallery invigilator, a raspberry picker, a lecturer/tutor in art/science, art history and gender & technology, an editor, a bookkeeper, a car detailer and a life drawing model. Tarsh is a candidate for a PhD at SymbioticA, The University of Western Australia, where her research is concerned with the aesthetics of interspecies relationships and the human as a multispecies ecology. She is particularly enamored with Candida albicans.


Consulting areas of interest:
Resource research, text editing and proof reading, English tutoring, microbiology technical support, bioart history research, bioart technical support.

Experience in this field:
– Editor and proofreader of PhD thesis, books, journal articles, websites, artist statements
– Lecturer and tutor in art/science, cultural representations


Transart Institute