Luis Lara Malvacías

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Luis Lara Malvacías is a Venezuelan choreographer and trans-disciplinary artist. His body of work has focused on ideas of transformation, multiplicity, authorship and the role of the audience in dance performance. His projects explore the interaction between dance, design, videos, installations, sound, new media and the visual arts, questioning preconceived ideas of choreography and modes of production and presentation. He has presented his work in New York since 1995 and has performed worldwide, from conventional venues to galleries and more unconventional spaces. Current projects include the creation of 26 collaborative duets (A-Z) with his partner Jeremy Nelson. Using significant signposts connected with life and aging, these duets look into issues surrounding mature dance makers and inquiring into the relationship of the body thinking, the body processing, the body making, and the body performing.

In 2003 he created 3RD CLASS CITIZEN, a collective initially comprising Latino artists living in NYC, which has become a platform for the NOT FESTIVAL - a nomadic and kaleidoscopic conceptual artistic object, embracing ideas of cross-cultural and global artistic collaboration. Instalación Sur from 2001 and Channel Sur from 2005 are two of his several cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary projects involving collaboration with local artists in countries in Central and South America.  Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Dance at  UC Riverside. For a complete Resume, visit