Plan Autopoiesis

Plan Autopoiesis is an initiative born in the public, imaginary and speculative libraries of Lima, Perú: a context in which public space—and particularly the public library—is often debilitated by political, social and economic struggles. In response to this condition Plan Autopoiesis wants to expand, circulate and discuss the universe of the library.

We build on artistic and curatorial strategies to propose a third space of 'library-making' by creating experimental open-form library experiences in various public spaces, both online and IRL. We understand library-making as an active form that can serve as a multiplier of temporary sites of unruly knowledge to foster intellectual curiosity, interdisciplinary practices, free access and auto-didacticism—both within and beyond the walls of existing library spaces.

Through collaborations with local and international artists, curators and thinkers of all kinds, Plan Autopoiesis makes exhibitions, interventions, performance and discursive programming that proposes ideas for thinking, acting and rewiring our approximations to knowledge in given particular contexts.

In the universe of the library there are books, catalogues, protocols and the overwhelming awareness of so much to say. There’s melancholy, fatigue, hope, curiosity and a crushing sense of being defeated by knowledge.

Plan Autopoiesis seeks to have conversations with all these experiences. And then provoke some more.


Plan Autopoiesis is:

Susie Quillinan and Pamela Arce