Step Not Beyond

Step Not Beyond (estb. 2016) is the name of a small school and of a philosophical disposition: go toward the limit of your thought, experience, work, but not beyond it. Be a tightrope walker, an acrobat who lightly treads across the abyss that is internal and external, creative and political. 

Through a series of courses and practices the SNB engages a single comprehensive question without disciplinary borders (relevant to children, astrobiologists, and artists alike): "What is the Creative Act?"   

Furthermore, ideas, when they are unforeseen and rare, produce a specific ecosystem within the individual, a precise ecology of thought, just as there is a planetary ecology of life and a political ecology of the State. The SNB provides a space where these ecosystems can be harnessed and where they can intermingle. Needless to say, building an ecosystem is about health; about growing old and young at the same time; about looking for a new earth. A space where thought and act are the same; where theory and lived experience come together in a palpable way; where gesture and substance are one.


Dejan Lukic: institutionally trained as an anthropologist (PhD, Columbia University, 2007), self-trained as a philosopher (with help from the Institute of Philosophy, University of Leuven), working as a teacher and writer of art & politics at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

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