Friday August 5
15:00 - 18:45 (followed by reception)

Encounters is an afternoon of conversations about how we live, work and think in the space between the no longer and the not yet.

 9 guests
50 artists

15:00 - 16:30
Each guest will have 9 mins to talk about aspects of their practice in response to the Transart Triennale theme, "The Imperceptible Self".

16:30 - 17:00
Break & Sign up

17:00- 18:45
Artists sign up to have 9 min long conversations with a guest of their choice.
Artists can sign up for conversations with two different guests.
Each guest meets with 9 artists.

Julieta Aranda
Sonia Barrett
Lou Cantor
Jean-Ulrick Desert
Elise Lammer
Nora Mayr
Morgan O'Hara
Ece Pazarbasi
Lorenzo Sandoval

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