Processed Beings: Intersubjectivity and Authorship

Processed Being is an exhibition exploring the of the notion of identity as an intersubjective process, an outgrowth of collective rather than purely individual imperatives. The works in the show will seek to challenge models of unitary authorship in developing nexuses of social discourse informed by Oskar Hansen’s concept of the open form.

Participating artists:
Paweł Althammer, Artur Chruszcz& Magdalena MitterhoferLou Cantor, Martin Kohout, Anna Molska, Alex Turgeon, Anna Uddenberg, Klaus Weber

Extra Programming:
Processed Beings: Readings
Sat 6 August, 14:00 - 15:00
Studio 3

Transart Triennial will host readings by a number of Berlin based writers including :
Sarah M. Harrison
Aleksandra Bielas
Felix Riemann
Eva Funk
Tess Edmondson

Making of Siren (Performance)
Sat 6 August, 15:30 - 16:30
Studio 2

Magdalena Mitthofer and Artur Cruscsz’s performance at the TransArt Triennial will engage the self-referential rhetorics that have become familiar from “Making of…” documentaries and DVD commentaries on popular films. The work encompass physical and nonphysical elements, rooted in the creative process and collective development of their earlier performance “Siren” (2016). Exploring the vagaries of memory and the protocols of archiving, the performance will seek to highlight the friction between the ostensible ephemeralities of process and the fixity of documentation and historicisation.
Float / stage / objects :  Julian-Jakob Kneer
Choreography and Text: Magdalena Mitterhofer, Artur Cruscsz
Costume : Venus Hahn
Performer : Clara Dessau, Artur, Magdalena


Curators: Lou Cantor & William Kherbek (DE)

Lou Cantor is a Berlin-based artist collective founded in 2011, whose main scope of interest is grounded in intersubjectivity and interpersonal communication. Lou Cantor’s practice explores the polysemic minefield of contemporary communication, where medium, message and meaning constantly fold back into each other. Previous group exhibitions include The Laubour of Watching, leto gallery, Warsaw and OSLO10, Basel; Language and Missunderstanding, CUNY, New York; Epistemic Excess, Artists Space, New York; 7th Berlin Biennale and New National Art, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw. 

William Kherbek is the writer of the novel Ecology of Secrets (2013), the epic poem, Pull Factor, and the forthcoming UltraLife. His essay “TechnoFeudalism and the Tragedy of the Commons” appeared in the first edition of Doggerland’s journal. His journalism has appeared in a number of publications including AQNB, Berlin Art Link and Samizdat.