Goodbye Grid and Cushy Beds, Hello Pool in the Wilderness

by Andrea Spaziani

The selection process, or curation of online information is both direct and indirect. It is related to movement, and how it is tracked though online space. What are you looking for, and what do you get? What do you get that you didn’t know you were looking for, and what do you do with it? This piece is an experiment in the choreography of virtual space, and expression as mediated by technology. 


I choreographed a finger dance for my keyboard. Here it is. 


KEYBOARD DANCE for 10 fingers 3 min, choose an extreme song Directive: Close your eyes. Touch as if the keys are forbidden fruit – sticky apricots, or something equally gummy.

ijwelk ljdoe apeilkdjflkjv lkjkvvvkdktjt t tjrkdldldl’’epogj dd;flgjepwppflfkg a


;df;ls;lkorv os;dlrfiew;.,xcm.,mxc.,mxc.,mxc.,mcxknv l sd;d;dlfv kdd.vv.v. ow;fmfmfmmfjlg;foeoeoepwp SLKJDLKJR LKJ

PDRHEEKWKLQLQLQLX DODPQURCLJB,Dl ehlizwooqoo hchcai.zmnddmndnmdmndnmdmndnmdnmdnmdhc ccp okjhz r re a a ccp okjhz r re a a


I then pulled words, abbreviations, and fake words from each line. Here’s the list:

dwell joe, vale flip, kkk, del gord, flapped, k, a, forks so, fired ew. mmmk, sod vow, mmmf poof pow, SLR, DL, LK, DEEPR KWK, Q, POX, DUD CLUB, qwooo, zehio, chin damn, mmmm, ccp, jerkz, ok, har, quid, SHaKe, QI, JUX, EELZ, jk

Then I Google’d each word, and pulled one sentence from the first hit.

I used the Google sentences as the bones for this poem. I danced around them and made a narrative.

This poem is choreography through body, through laptop, through language, through Google, through curation from within Google, through producing thought connections.

Please enjoy this dance, co-created by A. Spaziani, laptop, and wifi:

About the contributor: Andrea Spaziani is a Choreographer/performer from Toronto Canada, Curator of SPACEBODIES I (NY) and SPACEBODIES II (Berlin) for the Transart Triennale 2016.

Transart Institute