Zones of Sensitivity Texts

ZONES OF SENSITIVITY, an Afternoon of Texts and Voices took place on August 6th, 2016 as part of the Transart Triennale in Berlin, Germany.

Texts by: Zeerak Ahmed, Christopher Danowski, Margaret Hart, Michele Manzini, Konjit Seyoum.

Voices of: Zeerak Ahmed, Abi Tariq, Margaret Hart, Bill Ratner, Konjit Seyoum.

Curated and arranged by Ladan Yalzadeh

The Process:
Writers were invited to submit original texts of up to three thousand words responding to the theme of the Imperceptible Self. From these submissions, five texts emerged in dialogue with each other addressing this theme. With the approval of the writers, excerpts from the full texts were chosen and merged together to devise the text for Zones of Sensitivity. 

The Live Reading:
The Readers were seated on chairs in the center of the room on five back to back chairs in a circle, facing out. The Receivers were seated in the round five meters away, facing the Readers.

CLICK HERE to download the combined texts from the live reading that took place as well as the full texts versions from which the excerpts were taken and merged together. 


About the contributors: This is a project in association with Zones of Sensitivity, curated by Ladan Yalzadeh for the Transart Trienniale, 2016.

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