Vitalist Cuisine

A semi-nomadic restaurant troop. We consider cooking to be a culinary implementation tactic and a type of discipline. The innate dynamism of our name casts the world (and food) as infinite degrees of consumption where everything dances, where everything eats and is eaten in turn. Our goal is to tune into this fact and create resonance. Our methodology, like that of any cook, begins with eating. In other words, we steal ripe ingredients (words, ideas, and tastes) ready to be consumed, broken down, and transformed. 

Guided by our taste (similar to that of Franz Kafka's hunger artist), VC taps into dietary tracts producing a variety of dining experiences. Our other modes of production include writing, drawing, sculpting, and designing. The difference between these modes and cooking is only one of form. Indeed, sometimes a word is a carrot too: it is sensational, nourishing, delicate, or perhaps just simple. In this respect, we also learn from the falling branch, the crease of a napkin, veins of a daikon, the writer's comma...


Joshua McCarty is a cook, writer, visual artist.  Dejan Lukic is a teacher and writer who has taught at Columbia University, Rutgers University, Reed College, The New School, and presently the School of Visual Arts in New York. 

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