Spacebodies II

SPACEBODIES is an exhibition featuring time-based work on expanded definitions of ‘space’ and its affective (im)materiality. Can space exist without a body to contain it? Can a body exist without space to fill it? What is the affective dialogue between these enmeshed trajectories of flow?

This exhibition is for works that dance with their own existence.

The ‘Imperceptible Self’ is not contained, but is in a constant state of producing its own difference. This immanent proliferation does not exist in a vacuum, but is constantly refracting, absorbing, and projecting information through an immersion-swamp of disparate spaces. Is it possible for art to witness this information, and let it emerge through the porous subject?

The first iteration of spacebodies took place in January 2016 at the Judson Church Gym in New York City, a venue dedicated to uncensored experimentation and artistic exchange. A second, expanded edition will be held in Berlin in summer 2016.

Participating Artists:
Angeliki Avgitidou, Mitra Azar, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Katina Bitsicas, Sara Bonaventura, Amy Patrice Cannestra, Gwen Charles, Driewieler Collectief, Alejandro Fargosonini, Veronica Fazzio, Andrea Haenggi, Ian Haig, Vera Herr, Amy Konigbauer & Honi Ryan, Nina Kurtela, Anne Labovitz, Music for Eggplant, Kayoko Nakajima, Mariana Rocha, Omar Shoukri, Analia Sirabonian, Stephen Slappe, Sanaz Sohrabi, Niko Solorio, Stephan Takkides, Abi Tariq, Robyn Thomas.

Full Program




Curator: Andrea Spaziani (Canada)

Spaziani is a Canadian choreographer, performer and MFA candidate at Transart Institute. She graduated from Ryerson University in 2005 and is interested in the work of perception and explorations of inhabiting the body differently.

Recent works have been presented at 100 Grand Dance (NYC), the Dancemakers Research Lab (Toronto), Hub 14 (Toronto), the Toronto Dance Community Love-in, and at . Her current ‘egregious selfie’ project will be presented at Toronto’s Flowchart Series in March 2016, her trio ‘Rafters’ will be presented at ‘Audio Guides’ at Toronto’s Citadel in February 2016, and she is collaborating on the experimental dance documentary ‘Aggro Infinitum’ with Alicia Grant.

As a performer she has worked with notable artists such as Heidi Strauss, D.A. Hoskins, and Mårten Spångberg. Recent projects include, Verbatim Dance Theatre with Catherine Murray/ Project Humanity, and The Love Project by Meagan O’Shea/ Standup Dance.

Spaziani recently published a handbook of choreographic scores entitled Exiting, Re-Existing.