Else Foundation is a new creative research platform for global, independent initiatives working with and in the space in-between.

ELSE FOUNDATION (EF) is a consortium of independent global creative research institutions, projects and people with overlapping interests in:  international diaspora, post-nationalism and post-colonialism; exiled states; peace and mediation; memory; home, nostalgia and the uncanny; language and experimental pedagogies; space, publicness & temporary architecture; foreignness, otherness; interstices, liminal states and the space in between.

EF supports and instigates collaborative research, projects and practices within these and related areas. EF is international and borderless (in every sense), providing a moving platform for contemporary creative research and production connecting in the spaces in between through ELSE Journal publications, an online platform, and residencies.

Residencies may including: topical fora; socially engaged projects; exhibitions; performances; panels; symposia; talks; readings; open calls; performances; screenings; encounter presentation and exchange sessions (EPES); workshops, walkshops, walktalks, doctoral studies and other educational programming events. Residencies often occur simultaneously or sequentially and overlap to foster connection and new synergies. 

Each member group is represented by two board members: one from within and one invited from outside the consortium. Meetings (with rotating chair) are held annually or as requested to propose and discuss new projects, goals, collaborations, members and events.

EF champions open-minded independent thinking, experimentation, difference, collaboration and strives for a flat hierarchy.